Hemp Cream: The Power of the Hemp Plant


Hemp Cream: The Power of the Hemp Plant

We exist in a period where many diverse commodities are shoved in our faces left and right. On the television, on Instagram, at the newspapers and magazines, or even at some random billboard on the road. One of those exciting additions is the popularity of hemp and hemp cream. 

Common reasons for the developing interest in hemp are its versatility and beneficial properties. One striking example of this is topical applications for hemp products, commonly known as hemp cream, used as conventional beauty products and pain relief.


But first things first, what is it?


 What is Hemp Cream


Hemp Cream is specifically obtained from the hemp plant, a relative of the marijuana plant. Yes, marijuana. However, the hemp plant is different from the latter because it does not have that effect that everyone knows regarding marijuana. This intoxicating feeling, we hear of (or some have experienced) is caused by THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol and is liable for most of the psychological effects of marijuana.


Cannabis extracts contain various organic compounds with anti-inflammatory properties, which help reduce the pain correlated with arthritis, backaches, sore muscles, and aching joints. However, this hemp category is more of skincare products essentially based on hemp as an active ingredient.


How is it made?


Hemp topical creams are obtained from hemp plants. Once planted, hemp can be produced within 3-4 months.  When the plant has fully developed, it is cut and then left to loosen in the fields for another 4-6 weeks. Hemp is low maintenance and does best in a warm but mild, sustainable environment.


In most manufacturers, the hemp seed oil is processed by cold pressing the collected seeds. Cold pressing implicates deshelling the seeds, discarding the outer husks, then accurately extracting the hemp seed process. What follows next will depend on the cream manufacturer, but the hemp seed oil will be refined and blended with other components to produce the final output that you apply to your body. From there, different products and creams are produced, such as a hemp hand cream.


Benefits of Hemp Cream


Several skin products nowadays contain hemp oil as one of their main ingredients. It is natural and seldom evokes side effects, making it an excellent base oil for various creams. Hemp is one of nature's abundant nutrient-packed plants, so here are some of the significant benefits worth looking at:


·        Aids in skin elasticity and keeps skin hydrated

o   Hemp can boost elasticity and protect the skin. Giving your skin a massage with the topical would revitalize and rejuvenate it, leaving you looking years younger.

·        Soothes dry and itchy skin

o   This hemp CBD cream is one of nature’s abundant sources of Omega-3 and Omega-6. Both healthy fatty acids have moisturizing properties that help the skin stay healthy. Fantastic for providing moisture and rejuvenating dry skin. They make hemp oil particularly useful in injecting back elasticity into tired or dehydrated skin. It can also support psoriasis treatment.

·        Helps treat acne

o   Hemp oil cream is also good at decreasing the occurrence of acne and sagging skin. The fatty acids work hard to nourish the skin and leave it feeling fresh and moisturized.

·        Fights wrinkles

o   Not only Vitamin A, but this topical cream contains vitamins C, A, and E put together!

·        Anti-aging effects

o   Antioxidants are frequently used in beauty regimens and face creams to combat wrinkles and lessen the appearance of fine lines. Hemp products are excellent at this and are especially effective at keeping your skin looking healthy and younger.

·        Pain Relief

o   Initial studies suggest that hemp help with pain relief. It has been found to soothe problems from swollen and tender joints and could relieve pain on the neck, hip, shoulder, muscle, joint, elbow, and back.

·        Helps diminish stretch marks through pregnancy

·        Lessens the presence of dark circles

·        Non-addictive

o   Again, I tell you, you will not get intoxicated while using this product (especially if you will just use it topically). But I must say, once you get to experience the beauty and wonder of hemp, you might get obsessed! You have been warned!


How to Use Hemp Cream


Using hemp is relatively easy. You can use this topical product the way you would use a lotion whenever you feel discomfort in any part of your body. First, be sure to clean the area with soap and water to expel any excess dirt or oil accumulation. Doing this will guarantee the best environment for absorption. Apply a small amount to the affected area, then rub the topical cream into the area thoroughly.  Then, wash hands immediately after application. Reapply as necessary.


It is good to note that this cream does not enter the bloodstream when you apply it, meaning it just targets the specific area you apply it to. Avoid applying near or touch your eyes and avoid applying to wounds or damaged skin until they are fully healed. Most hemp topical creams are for external use only, so do not ingest them! If accidentally ingested, get medical help immediately.

Where to Buy Hemp Cream

With these incredible benefits, it’s clear why people may be taken in using hemp for their skin or other purposes. But where can you buy it? Many online shops are out there to choose from, but I must recommend one shop, namely, Noble Hemp (click this link: noblehemp.com). They sell the purest and most effective hemp extracts on the market to date. Their products are organic and specifically for conscious buyers who are earnest about improving their health naturally. Grown in facilities that secures the hemp's essential nutrients are preserved for the most potent and cleanest extracts. They also guarantee products to be 100% free from pesticides, herbicides, fungi, mold, heavy metals, and mycotoxins. 


So why should you look anywhere else? Look beautiful and healthy without the chemical stuff with it. Go organic. Buy Noble Hemp Cream 😊


Final Thoughts

Overall, hemp has proven to be a versatile and effective addition to the expanding list of products under cannabis. But is it really as it says it is? Well, I think you should find it out. Buy yours now!


Overall, hemp has proven to be a versatile and effective addition to the expanding list of products under cannabis. But is it really as it says it is? Well, I think you should find it out. Buy yours now!


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