CBC Cream: what is that all about?

CBC Cream

CBC cream consists of hemp-derived extracted oils. Although there are several cannabinoids available in the hemp plants, the availability of CBC is even less than one percent in each hemp plant. Its rarity leads some people to think that CBC is some sort of typographical error of CBD. 

Now, before going any further, let’s take a glance at CBC’s deal.

Everything You Need To Know About CBC

CBC is short for cannabichromene. As we mentioned already, it’s not as commonly found as other cannabinoids. So, bulking up this compound is quite challenging. 

CBC is sourced indirectly from a compound named cannabigerol acid or CBGa. There are synthesizing enzymes called CBC synthase, converting CBGa to cannabichromene carboxylic acid compounds.

With the help of the CBC synthase enzymes, CBCa is created. The further conversion is done in assistance of the heat action and cannabichromene exposure - through the decarboxylation process. 

CBC might not be as popular among everyone as CBD and get enough attention; however, it has shown remarkable advantages, and users have spoken highly of its efficiency. It’s known to be effective on various health issues that include healing several types of pain like chronic pain, to name one.

 What Are The Benefits Of Using CBC Creams?

Since CBC and CBD are derived from the same cannabis plant, their benefits are similar. But the rarity led to less manufacturing of the CBC products, which caused the CBC to miss the limelight despite having the same effects. 

So, how does CBC cream work?

The cream works equally both on the affected dermal and subdermal area. Like every other cannabinoid, CBC also interacts with our endocannabinoid system - responsible for controlling our hunger, mood, sleep, and immunity. 

The significant benefits that we receive from CBC creams are given below:

Reduces Pain Caused By Cancer

The Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics published an article that proposes that the researchers first started their study about CBC’s connection with cancer in 2006. One part of the investigation included seeking alternative options other than cannabinoids—for example, THC and CBD. 

The article further suggested that the study still requires more evidence on CBC’s efficiency against fighting cancer cells. As the CBD and THC already contain cancer-combating qualities like cannabinoids, the CBC might come to action soon as well. The CBC creams would be beneficial in eliminating the pain that comes with cancer.


CBC is good news to people suffering from neuropathy related problems. There is no known cure for certain neuropathies. The foot pain caused by neuropathy often interferes with simple daily life tasks making it difficult to act. 

CBC creams tend to have pleasing and soothing properties for the aching feet and reduce the pain along with the burning sensation neuropathy brings. The cream has quite a relieving effect on the pain. 

Chronic Pain

There are several options available for CBC to help people dealing with chronic pain. Take CBC oral treatments, CBC tinctures, and creams, for example. However, the best thing about the CBC cream is that it’s suitable for topical application, which is pretty incredible, considering it helps locate and address the pain. 

May Reduce Inflammation

The British Pharmaceutical Journal published a study in 2010, which proposes that CBC contains strong anti-inflammatory properties since it was able to target rat’s gastrointestinal inflammation. 

May Strengthen Cells

CBC restricts mutated cell’s growth and promotes the growth of healthy cells. This could act as a potential anti-cancer property. 

Improves Pain Management

Combining CBC cream with other cannabinoid items - CBD oils, for example - can help boost the pain-relieving effects of the blend. 

Mixing CBD and CBC will not result in intoxicating highs. The mixture binds with CB1 receptors that regulate motor controls, memory processing, and pain regulation. But the CBC alone binds with different receptors, which have connections to brain cells that can detect pain. 

Users may find CBC cream beneficial to treat any type of pain they’re dealing with. 

However, using a combination of CBC and CBD-infused products enhances its efficiency.

Reduces Pain From Neurological Stress 

CBC creams have shown significant results against treating the pain caused by neurological stress. CBC helps reduce the chances of developing neurodegenerative conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. 

The CBC cream might also help cut down the physiological stress of the patient's brain and reduce pain from headaches, even migraines. Combining CBC cream with other CBD infused products here is also an excellent deal to mitigate the pain.

Blocks Arthritis Pain

Don’t be surprised when we tell you that CBC cream can help with your arthritis pain. How you’re wondering? By blocking the body’s hyperactive pain receptors. CBC cream’s anti-inflammatory properties soothe the overly-excited immune functions - that leads to painful and swollen joints - to calm down.

Why Is CBC A Great Addition To Your Natural Therapies?

One of the most popular natural remedies to address and heal pain and other illnesses is cannabidiol. Since it contains organic ingredients, it’s safely considered vegan as well. The ultimate botanical and natural qualities make the CBC creams a perfect addition to your natural therapies. 

Here are some more facts to help you judge the CBC cream’s potential. 

Anti-microbial activities

CBC creams tend to have antimicrobial properties and, hence, engage in the destruction of bacteria and fungi. It’s also seen to prevent gram-negative, gram-positive, and acid-fast bacterias too. 

But it didn’t seem as effective against fungus. The activity level for fungi is “mild to moderate.” 

Anti-Viral properties

The antiviral properties might be useful for cannabis. 


The antibacterial qualities help fight several types of fungi, proving that CBC creams can prevent fungi-imposed infections. 

Anti-inflammatory Properties 

Inflammation caused by health conditions like edema can be eliminated and soothed with the help of CBC creams. The effects of the CBC creams will be boosted when combined with other CBD products. 

CBC effectively fights intestinal inflammation as well. 


CBC creams help to the full analgesic effects of cannabis. The cream's efficiency fights the pain of the spinal level too. Since it has psychoactive properties, the researchers are positive to figure out a solution to the pain, which doesn’t include making you high.


CBC creams are ten times more effective than CBD when relaxing the mood and cutting down depression. This quality makes CBC best in both aspects - sleep and pain. The CBC cream contains high-quality mood-lifting properties too. 


The CBC creams are known to prevent cancer cells. Cancer cell’s weapon is its fast and smooth division. CBC compounds restrain the cells from dividing themselves and thus prevent various severe conditions like breast cancer, cancerous tumors, etc.

Besides all the therapeutic qualities, CBC cream also has some regular features like moisturizing, soothing, and hydrating.

So it’s pretty clear what one single cream can do for you. It’s like a one-stop solution - beauty and remedy. The best part? It has all-natural ingredients. So you can pick up one, stay away from the chemicals, and stay on the safer side.

Speaking of the safe products, while there’s a substantial all-talk market trying to bag you the same effect, the Noble Hemp Company’s service and product authenticity stand out for their excellent record. 


CBC cream is a practical solution for both reducing pain and keeping up a good lifestyle. It helps make sure you’re not feeling the excruciating pain from a handful of severe diseases like cancer, arthritis, and neurological stress. 

Whatever your choice may be, consult your physician first about using cannabinoid products to avoid any unnecessary risks.


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